Charlie Nixon
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Welcome to my home page.
My name is Charlie Nixon and I set up this homepage for one purpose and one purpose only, to talk about me. Just like the country song that says "lets talk about me", thats what we are gonna do here!!

I am in Sales, a former school teacher, and enjoy playing tennis and messing around with my guitars. I am married to 1 good woman, have 2 kids, and am the proud owner of 1 lazy dog. See her at the bottom of the page. Thats the dog, not my kids.

My Fun Stuff
You will find some great looking guitars here, the 2 guitars in my current collection. Notice I said current collection as things can change. A guitar player needs a guitar for every type of voice. My wife does not agree, but since this site is about me, who cares!! I recently sold my Takamine and now have a Taylor 814ce and a Carvin DC127. Sweeeeet!!

You can also get a good look at some tennis friends having a good time at our club. I have been playing tennis since high school and played for my college team back in earlier times. How's that for not giving away my age?

Me and my faithful dog Sadie

Check this out...
When you have heard enough of me talking about me, then its time for you to e-mail me and you can talk about me!!

Let me know what your cool links are and I can add some to my site.

Tennis Buffs---Photo Page

Carvin Buffs---Photo 2 Page

Taylor Guitar Buffs---Photo 3 Page

Atlanta Carvin Bash 2003---Photo 4 Page

Carvin B5 Kit---Photo 5 Page

Sadie doing what she does best, what a life!!